How much email will I get from you?

We work on the balance of keeping our members informed and keeping mind of not sending to many emails. Generally you would only receive about 2 to 3 emails a month from us regarding socials and maybe a quarterly email about general membership information as needed. You can control which emails you choose to get my click on the link in one of the emails sent out that takes you to your email subscription page. From that page you can choose to opt-out of any of the following 5 emails:

  • General Membership Information
  • DNA Newsletter, sent quarterly or bi-annually
  • DNA Social – Save the Date – this email advises you as soon as we announce the next booked social outing so that you can get the date on your calendar
  • DNA Social – 10-Day Reminder – this email goes out 10 days prior to the next social to remind you of the event
  • DNA Social – 24-48 hour Reminder – this email goes out the day prior to the event to remind you of the event

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