our board

volunteer to help build a better neighborhood for all

Did you know ? Your DNA Board are all non-paid volunteers that come together monthly to enrich the lives of everyone living in downtown Des Moines.

Your 2019 DNA Members of the Board


Peter Erickson

Austin Lewis
Vice President

Annie Galbraith

Andrew Mogolov

Aubrey Grant
At Large Member of the Board

Tom Smull
At Large Member of the Board

Nate Burger
At Large Member of the Board

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come to our next board meeting, members are always welcome!

  • Standard Agenda includes:

    ✓ Call Meeting to Order
    ✓ Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes
    ✓ Officer Reports
       ✓ President’s Report
       ✓ Treasurer’s Report
    ✓ Police Department Crime Report
    ✓ Old Business
    ✓ Committee Reports
       ✓ Membership Report
       ✓ Social Media Report
       ✓ Social Events Report
    ✓ New Business / Open Discussion
    ✓ Close Meeting

    On occasion additional agenda items include:
    ✓ Presentations – New Construction Projects

DNA Business Sponsors

This is just a random sampling of six of our great business sponsors. Some of our Business Sponsors provide our members with great perks in addition to their sponsorship. Check out the complete list of perks and if you are not already a member join today!