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our purpose

we exist to involve neighbors in a collective effort to enhance and celebrate the quality of residential life in downtown Des Moines

  • we socialize – enjoying camaraderie with our neighbors
  • we participate – in local activities, like participating in the Drake Relays Street Painting
  • we communicate – via our website, email, and social media
  • we collaborate – with other downtown entities, like the Downtown Community Alliance
  • we advocate – for the neighborhood, working with governmental agencies and elected officials
  • we preserve – the rich heritage of downtown Des Moines
  • we are philanthropic – giving to deserving charities and institutions that support downtown Des Moines

our boundaries

The boundaries of the Downtown Neighborhood Association are: Ingersoll Avenue (West of 14th Street), High Street (between 14th Street and 6th Avenue) and Grand Avenue (East of 6th Avenue) on the North, the Raccoon River on the South, the Des Moines River on the East, and 18th Street on the West. 
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our history

a small group of early downtown residents got together in June 2002 to begin the process of establishing our neighborhood association. The City of Des Moines officially recognized the Downtown Des Moines Neighborhood Association, today known as the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Des Moines or simply the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) in September 2002. Our first board meetings and members joined in October 2002. Our first annual meeting and election of a board of directors occurred in January 2003. We went online with our first version of desmoinesdna.com on January 16, 2003.
On March 13, 2014, the Downtown Neighborhood Association was recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 503(c)4 of the Internal Revenue Code. We were granted a retroactive exemption with an effective date of March 15, 2010.
Today, the Downtown Neighborhood Association is one of the fifty-seven (57) neigbhorhoods represented within the City of Des Moines. Collectively these neighborhoods are part of the umbrella neighborhood association of Des Moines Neighbors.

our volunteers

in addition to our all volunteer board, there is also a social committee and membership committee. check out some of our volunteer opportunities currently available.

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our membership levels

membership numbers of course change on a daily basis, but this is updated numbers as of the end of each quarter

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Data published below is current as of January 31, 2017.
Membership Type Current Members Membership List
Standard Resident Membership 59 429
Student Resident Membership 2 12
Senior Resident Membership 32 71
Couple Resident Membership 85 234
Total Resident Memberships 178 746
Non-Resident Memberships 26 127
Total Non-Business Memberships 204 873
Standard Business Memberships 34 155
Silver Level Business Memberships 2 20
Gold Level Business Memberships 0 5
Platinum Level Business Memberships 0 3
Not-for-Profit Business Memberships 6 18
Total Business Memberships 42 201
Complimentary Memberships 4 6
Total DNA Memberships 250 1,080
*Membership List contains both members that are current paid up in their dues and those that are behind in dues. Prior to 2011, Couple’s Memberships were called Household Memberships and may have included more than 2 members.

our online social media influence

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DNA Business Sponsors

This is just a random sampling of six of our great business sponsors. Some of our Business Sponsors provide our members with great perks in addition to their sponsorship. Check out the complete list of perks and if you are not already a member join today!