ART RTE (ärt raüt) unites public art in Greater Des Moines with an access path via artful city sidewalks and intersections. Think, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road,” where the route leads to world-renowned art within our city, free for all to enjoy. Where visitors and locals engage in an experience unique to Greater Des Moines. Driving economic impact to nearby businesses and increasing pedestrian safety throughout the region.

ART RTE is innovative as it combines a unique experience with art, safety and education elements. Research shows some cities have painted intersections and some cities have a painted connector, like Boston’s Freedom Trail which is a red line leading throughout the city’s historical district. This project’s innovation is that both ideas are combined into one concept. Research did not uncover other cities Ignite Button 4enacting both elements—therefore, Greater Des Moines would be the first of its kind.


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Art Concepts

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  • ArtConcept2

  • Downtown Route & Intersections

    Includes 6.6 mile route connecting 86 pieces of public art and five painted intersections in Downtown Des Moines

    Downtown Skywalks

    Includes skywalk clings to highlight art pieces viewable from downtown skywalks

    Greater Des Moines Art Pockets

    Includes five “art pockets” throughout Greater Des Moines with three or more pieces of art within a one-mile radius
    Drake University Campus, Urbandale Public Library area, Des Moines Art Center, Clive Aasheim Plaza and University Avenue in West Des Moines


Route Map

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