Please support new art project for our neighborhood!

The DNA Board voted to support the RTE RTE project at its May meeting. A 1:1 match was approved up to $2,500.
As a DNA member, I urge you to consider supporting the ART RTE with a contribution. This project is extremely exciting for our city for many reasons, including:

  1. ART RTE creates 6.63 miles of pedestrian traffic. The ART RTE encourages healthier living by walking and exploring the arts.
  2. An increase in people walking past storefronts will lead to more visits and more purchases. (ie: More economic impact!)
  3. ART RTE provides a positive visual for economic developers visiting and considering Des Moines and creates a talking point for corporate ambassadors promoting Central Iowa to prospects.
  4. Provides an age-friendly connection that will change the way we find and learn about public art. With ART RTE finding and learning about public art will be easier for everyone.
  5. This project leverages the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation’s new release of the Des Moines Public Art mobile app. This interactive tool filters detailed information about artists and tells the story of each artwork—it’s free and mobile.
  6. ART RTE is inclusive and accessible for diverse groups anytime for free.
  7. ART RTE answers the question, “What is our city known for?” for locals and visitors. It sets us apart as a destination with a unique visitor experience, while increasing art-related tourism.

The Board applaud the ART RTE Advisory Committee for pounding the pavement, so to speak, to create solutions for safety, economic development and arts education to all who explore the ART RTE. We hope you’ll strongly consider contributing to the ART RTE. Many community organizations, corporations are excited at the prospect of this project plan taking shape in our city.

You can donate by visiting the page we set up on our site.