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Socials FAQs

How often do you host socials?

There are generally about 9 to 10 socials scheduled per year. Check out our Previous Socials pages to see what socials were offered in past years.

How many people generally attend your DNA Socials?

Every social is a little different but we generally see ranges between 50 to 125, with most socials averaging about 65 to 90 attendees. You can check out some pictures from previous socials to get an idea on how well some are attended.

I’m not receiving any emails from you?

Please make sure you haven’t gotten your spam filter blocking this email address: [email protected]

If you are still not receiving these, please contact the Membership Committee at this address for further review: [email protected]

My business would like to host a social, who do I contact?

You should reach out to the DNA Social Committee Chair and discuss what you would like to get set up for an upcoming social.

How many guests can I invite with me to a social?

Generally we ask that you limit your guests to one person per social. There is generally a charge of $5 or more to attend a DNA Social as a guest. You can always buy your guest a DNA Membership of their own for only $20 regardless if they live downtown or not. Check out more information on our Membership page.

How do I find out about upcoming socials?

You can find out upcoming DNA Socials via the following methods:

  • Vist our Upcoming Socials page on our website.
  • Visit our EventBrite DNA Social Registration/Sign Up page at:
  • Like Us on Facebook and upcoming events will appear in your Facebook feed.
  • Follow us on Twitter and upcoming events will appear in your Twitter feed.
  • Manage your email subscriptions on your Membership page. You can control which emails you choose to get my click on the link in one of the emails sent out that takes you to your email subscription page. From that page you can choose to opt-out of any of the following 5 emails:
    • General Membership Information
    • DNA Newsletter, sent quarterly or bi-annually
    • DNA Social – Save the Date – this email advises you as soon as we announce the next booked social outing so that you can get the date on your calendar
    • DNA Social – 10-Day Reminder – this email goes out 10 days prior to the next social to remind you of the event
    • DNA Social – 24-48 hour Reminder – this email goes out the day prior to the event to remind you of the event

I’m a business member, how many employees can I send to a social?

There is not a limit for most socials. Please make sure you register each of your employees for an event on EventBrite so that we can get the correct count and have them with a name tag available at the event check-in table. You can register them at: Select Business Member employee as ticket type.

How much do DNA Socials cost to attend?

The vast majority of the socials we offer throughout the year are generally free to DNA Members and $5 for a guest of a DNA Member. However some socials do have a cost involved based on what type of social it is. To get a better ideal, visit our Previous Socials pages.

I paid for an upcoming social, but now I can’t attend.

There are two ways you can cancel your registration for an event. You can email: [email protected] and ask for your event registration to be cancelled or you can go to and sign in with the email address you used to register and cancel the order. If you don’t have a password, click on Forgot Password and EventBrite will email you information to access the registration. Refunds need to be processed at least 24 hours prior to the event.

DNA Business Sponsors

This is just a random sampling of six of our great business sponsors. Some of our Business Sponsors provide our members with great perks in addition to their sponsorship. Check out the complete list of perks and if you are not already a member join today!